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Price Beat Guarantee. This agreement constitutes an agreement for services. To get a price beating quote call (269)-888-7773 or schedule a consultation with one of our consultants. You must have a verifiable offer that shows a comparable solar panel system. This price beat guarantee does not include prices obtained by the use of benefits or promotional rates of any kind. All comparable offers must be issued within 60 day of the initial proposal. All comparable offers must be made on current residential address and include business entity issuing proposal, client's name, date of issuance, kilowatt size, and price. All rights and obligations of New Earth Solar LLC under this Agreement shall be performed by New Earth Solar LLC, or its authorized agents, representatives, vendors, successors or assigns. New Earth Solar LLC’s principal address is 5148 S Sprinkle Rd, Kalamazoo, MI 49002.

Get 5 years of Professional Solar Monitoring FREE!

With Omnidian, when you purchase a new Solar Panel System with New Earth Solar!

100% Covered Maintenance

For all System Components, Including Wiring and Inverters

95% Energy Guarantee

We Pay Cash-Back for Annual Lost Energy

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Omnidian will know if your System is underperforming - often before you do

Live Support & Diagnostics

From Our Seattle Operations Center

Proactive Service Dispatch

We'll send a Technician if Your System Requires Maintenance

Included with Your New Solar System

Option to Renew Service (Currently Less Than $13/mon.)

For more information about Omnidian:

Call Omnidian at 888-232-9181


Interested in a Generac® PWRcell? "Generac® PWRcell is a revolutionary battery storage system that helps you prepare for power outages and save money. Best of all - it's environmentally friendly." The Generac® PWRcell can be cycled on during peak demand times, saving you EVEN MORE money than a traditional Solar Panel System. Not to mention the peace of mind it brings when the weather's bad and the lights go out. 


Claim Your Federal Solar Tax Credit!

The Solar Tax Credit lowers your Federal Taxes, if you owed $25,000 for a new Solar Panel System you would see a tax credit of $7,500. If you don't use all of the Solar Tax Credit in the year you purchased the Solar Panels, you can simply roll over the remainder of the Solar Tax Credit to the following year. The tax credit is available on both primary and secondary residences. However, if you are a tenant-stakeholder or live in a Co-op, you can only claim your portion of the Solar Tax Credit.

More good news is that as it is written, if your state allows you to take advantage of a State Solar Tax Credit, there is no reduction to the Federal Tax Credit. You can also still use the Federal Solar Tax Credit even if you're already taking advantage of another Federal Energy Tax Credit. As a bonus, you can now claim the Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit every year through 2032. Previously this credit maxed out at a lifetime limit.

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